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Our Purpose

We are a purpose-led organization, connecting for a better future by enabling a digital society, inclusive for all, with the least environmental impact. We leverage our technological and communication capabilities to connect people and businesses in a world that is becoming increasingly digital. Our network keep family, friends, businesses and governments connected.


To achieve our purpose, we aim to strengthen our reputation by safeguarding the trust of our stakeholders and ensuring that digital connectivity delivers on its full potential for responsible leadership and innovation. Our Social Contract is a pact to help strengthen trust across all stakeholder groups as we meet their expectations while maintaining positive relationships. Our Social Contract guides our journey as a purpose-led company, and is built on three core principles:



Building trust with our customers through simplified and transparent pricing, customer-orientated solutions and reducing our planetary impact.



To ensure fairness and promote digital inclusivity through enhanced access to digital products, services and infrastructure



To demonstrate responsible leadership through innovation in IoT and mobile financial services, leadership in convergence and solutions that benefit society.