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You can buy a Vodacom Lesotho sim card from any of our Vodacom Centres nationwide.

Insert your SIM card into your cellphone

Dial 100 and then follow the voice prompts

  • Option 1 – Call 100 free from your cell phone and follow voice prompts
  • Option 2 – Dial 100*01*Recharge PIN# SEND from your Vodacom cell phone
  • Physical vouchers – You can buy a voucher at any Vodacom approved outlet. The airtime value and PIN will be printed on the voucher
  • Till Slip Voucher – You can buy a till slip voucher at any retailer displaying the Vodacom logo. The recharge value and pin will be printed on your slip.
  • ATM, Online banking recharges – Recharge your Prepaid account via an ATM or Internet banking with the following banks in Lesotho: FNB and Standard Bank.
  • M-Pesa Recharges – Dial *111# SEND from your cell phone, select option 4 for M-Pesa then select either option 1 for Self or option 2 for Others

  • Dial *100# SEND or dial *111# SEND select 1 for balance
  • Dial 100 then press 2 check when service expires

This is a service that puts the power of self service in the customer’s hands, from the comfort of their own phone by accessing *111#SEND.

For Prepaid, Call 1182, and follow the voice prompts for prepaid roaming


1. Balances

2. Buy bundles

3. Airtime Advance

4. M-Pesa

5. Self Service

  • Allows you to change from one tariff plan to another. You can choose between Prepaid per Second, Prepaid Anytime and Prepaid Bua.
  • Contact our Call centre on 114 then select 1 for Prepaid queries or dial *111# SEND and press 8 for Self-service then press 2 for Free Change.

  • Allows you to transfer airtime to another Vodacom Lesotho Subscriber.
  • Transfer by dialing *123*01*number*amount# SEND, then confirm by *123*02# SEND or cancel by *123*03# SEND.

  • With recharges not less than M20 for three months you qualify for an advance which is payable on the next recharge.
  • Dial *111# SEND and select Airtime Advance.
  • A standard service fee of M1.00 applies.

  • Dial *100# SEND or dial *111# SEND select 1 for balance
  • Dial 100 then press 2 check when service expires

For Prepaid, Call 1182, and follow the voice prompts for prepaid roaming.”


  •  For prepaid Dial *111# SEND select 3 for self-service and select 1 for Prepaid roaming.


  • You first invoice is issued together with your bill at the beginning of every subsequent month and is payable within 30 days.

  • Vodacom places default bill limits but are not rigid as these can be adjusted with the request of the customer.

  • Your bill includes your subscription charges for subscribed services, usage and corresponding charge per record type, e.g. voice calls, data calls and SMS. Your itemized bill will include every call made together with the corresponding charge.

How do I get data bolt-on?

  • Data bolt on is provided to Customers who require more data than their monthly allocation.

Our contracts are 24 months and you qualify for an upgrade at the end of each contract

Changes can be made to the contract but some changes might attract extra fees, like a downward migration.

A Contract can be cancelled but this is subject to the full discretion of Vodacom to assess and place penalties if termination is done before the end of contract period.

Ownership transfer is possible but requires clear details and is subject to discretionary assessment by Vodacom upon receiving information from the transferor and transferee.

  • Level 1 and 2 Repairs take a minimum of 21 days
  • Maximum repairs (Level 3 and 4) - This is determined by the availability of spare parts as sometimes they are yet to be ordered

  • The Customer must be on the Vodacom Network in order to be given a loan device
  • Loan devices are subject to stock availability
  • Loan devices are basic models which provide for voice continuity only and may not be of equal capability and functionality to that of your device
  • Loan device and its accessories remain property of Vodacom and in an event of loss or theft of the loan device and/ its accessories you may replace the lost/stolen device with the new one of similar make and model or the same replacement value and this device must be able to operate in the Vodacom Network
  • Your repaired device will not be returned until the loan device and its accessories have been returned.

All warranty repairs undertaken by Vodacom Repairs are covered under manufacturer warranty and as such no costs will be incurred by you for any in-warranty repairs completed except physical and liquid damage repairs.

  • All out of warranty phones are subject to a written quotation for the repair to continue
  • The device will only be released up receipt of payment.

All devise warranty is twelve (12) months

  • Misuse, repair or installation contrary to recommended procedures
  • Accidental, electrical, liquid or mechanical damage due to negligence
  • Liquid damage claims if all or any original waterproof seals are either damaged or sealed
  • Unauthorized modifications to the product


  • Preliminary installation of Vodacom/Vodafone software for the modem is required.

  • Your data usage and charge are always determined by the volume consumed on every session.

  • You are held liable for any usage you incur with your modem; however advisory notes may be obtainable at Vodacom Centre.

  • You are held liable for any usage you incur with your phone Accounts

Invoice and statements are issued at the beginning of every subsequent month with detailed bill.

We also provide Self-Service options on our *111# menu, select option 3 for Self-service then, option 4 for Internet settings

Contact us

  • Whenever you need any help – simply contact our Call Centre on 114, free from your cellphone
  • We also provide Self-Service options on our *111# menu
  • Visit our nearest Vodacom Centre


Call 133 from your Vodacom mobile and choose option two (settings), then option four to set security level.

Choose your security level:

  • Standard (default) – you’ll need to enter your PIN if you're not calling from your Vodacom phone, or if you're calling from abroad. To be on this option use default settings or select deactivate PIN.
  • High security – you’ll need to enter your PIN every time you call your voicemail to listen to your messages, even from your Vodacom phone. To be on this option you need to select activate PIN

We recommend changing your PIN regularly and avoiding obvious PIN such as birth date, phone number or simple sequences, such as 1111, 1234 or 4321. Choose a complex Voicemail PIN of at least six digits. Always protect your PIN.

If you think you have been hacked, report the incident to contact Centre at 114