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M-Pesa Business App

M-Pesa Business App is an easy and secure service, available to Vodacom Merchants enabling them to collect payments from their customers and also to make payments to other merchants and suppliers.


The app has various features to assist businesses to track their performance, collect payments and settle their accounts. Addiotionally, the all in one business app gives merchants instant access to funds without the need for manual transfers. 


Like the consumer app, the M-Pesa Business App’s home page provides an overview of the account; displaying the balance and a mini statement of the last 5 transactions. In addition, a merchant can search for previous transactions using the transaction ID and have visibility of corresponding transaction charges. Other functionalities include the ability to withdraw from an agent as a merchant, switch an account, manage the list of ‘favourites,’ change the language between Sesotho & English and receive preliminary assistance from the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section.


An exciting feature that M-Pesa merchants will enjoy is the new QR (Quick Response) code functionality where a merchant can either

  • Generate a QR code on the Business App with an amount in order for the customer to scan to pay using the My M-Pesa App; or
  • The till display stickers have been updated to show a QR code, allowing a customer to use their consumer app to scan to pay instead of inserting the merchant code.
  • Merchant through the Business App may withdraw funds from an M-Pesa Agent by scanning the QR code on the agents till display.


The M-Pesa Business App is available for download from the Google Playstore and may only be accessed by registered merchants. All that is required are the same log in details used on the *201# dial string. Once signed in, the user selects their desired language and clicks continue to access the full suite of smart features.

Your most popular questions answered

M-Pesa Business App is an easy and secure service, available to Vodacom Merchants enabling them to collect payments from their customers and to make payments to other merchants.


The M-Pesa Business App is the easiest way for M-Pesa Merchants to transact and track M-Pesa collections.

  • View balance
  • Mini statement of the last 5 transactions
  • Request statement
  • Buy goods
  • Withdraw at agents
  • Switch Operator’s account
  • Transaction charges displayed on screen
  • Quick Response (QR) Code

M-Pesa Business App is available to any M-Pesa registered merchant. The M-Pesa Business App can only be used by merchant managers and their operators.

Users can download the app for installation only in the official Google Play Store (M-Pesa Business Lesotho).

Installation initiates automatically when the download is complete.

To download the app, users can use either Wi-Fi or Mobile Data. Using Wi-Fi is completely free, but while using mobile data, data charges will apply.

The supported Operating Systems are Android version 4.4 and above. 

When Merchants logs in for the first time, the merchant SIM card should be in the device. Ensure Wi-FI is off and merchant SIM card mobile data on.

The QR code functionality is an exciting and enticing feature that allows Merchants to generate a QR code for their customers with the Till Number and transaction amount. The customer will only be required to scan the QR code using M-Pesa Consumer APP and complete the Buy Goods transaction by entering their PIN.

The M-Pesa Business APP can be used on Android devices only for now. Other operating systems will be available in the near future.


The M-Pesa Business APP will work in any Android device with a Vodacom SIM card installed in it, and has a Vodacom Mobile Data Network connection.

If you have activated the automatic update option on your phone, the update will happen in the background automatically. You will also be able to request an APP update within the APP from the About screen.

Menu and Icon updates will happen automatically when you start up the APP. For APP Version updates, you can continue using the old APP version if there are no mandatory changes in the new APP version. Otherwise, the old APP will be disabled, and you will have to download and install the new APP version to continue using the M-Pesa APP.