Vodacom Lesotho

M-Pesa loyalty funeral cover benefits


Get paid up to M4,000

Cover starts from M1,000 for natural death and M4,000 for accidental death

Free funeral cover of 1 month, subject to waiting period of 1 month


  • Age restrictions: 18-70
  • Previous month qualification covers you for the next month cover. E.g. – March transactions cover you for April
  • 1 month waiting period applies at commencement of cover
  • Cover lapses immediately
    • Meaning if one does not qualify for the next month their cover will lapse at the end of that month
    • Subscriber will serve 1 month waiting period again if their cover lapses in a certain month


To opt-in a subscriber will follow the below steps:

    1. Dial *228#
    2. Select “yes” to give permission for your information to be shared with the insurance company
    3. Enter beneficiary’s first name
    4. Enter beneficiary’s surname
    5. Enter beneficiary’s date of birth (in this format ddmmyyyy)
    6. Confirm beneficiary details


Subscriber will:

  1. Dial *228#
  2. Select “opt-out”
  3. Receive confirmation SMS


  • Subscriber will go to any Vodacom Shop to report death and claim
    • Completed electronic claim forms to be submitted to Alliance together with the following supporting documents
      1. A copy of ID or a recognised form of identification (e.g. passport copy) of the deceased
      2. A death certificate (in the case of death)
      3. A police report (in the case of accidental deaths)
      4. Mortuary certificate
  • Payments are within 48 hours after submission of full documents
  • Claims will be paid via M-Pesa only

Terms and Conditions

  • Cover is subject to waiting period of 1 month
  • Cover lapses if subscriber no longer qualifies for it and the subscriber will be subject to waiting period if they qualify in the next month
  • Only the subscriber who opted in is eligible to be covered
  • The registered names on M-Pesa will be regarded as your true names. If your names have changed contact call centre on 114 for required documents and submit them to the nearest Vodacom Shop
  • Cover is not transferable
  • General M-Pesa terms and conditions still apply
  • Call 114 for any queries