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VCL Financial Services gives-away M100K to one lucky M-Pesa Agent!

VCL Financial Services gives away M100, 000 cash prize to one lucky M-Pesa agent as part of its M100K M-Pesa Agents Campaign


As part of its quest to drive the success of its financial services through M-Pesa, VCL Financial Services handed over a cash prize of M100, 000 to one lucky M-Pesa agent at an event held at Sefika Complex. The Prize-giving stems from a campaign run by VCL Financial Services titled M100K, which was to encourage M-Pesa agents to increase their monthly deposits with a chance of winning float every month, and one lucky M-Pesa agent walking away with the M100, 000 in cash.


The ceremony was attended by the 30 agents from which the lucky winner was drawn. As part of the campaign, VCL FS also gave away other prizes such as M5,000 vouchers towards float for 5 agents, M5,000 grocery vouchers for 5 agents, 10 tablets, and certificates for 30 agents. The handover was done by the Managing Director of VCL Financial Services, Palesa Mphunyetsane.


M-Pesa has since its launch been a key player in the financial services sector, as the mobile money exchange app continues to transform the lives of Basotho. M-Pesa has provided a reliable mobile money payment platform for the unbanked, allowing them to receive and send money to their loved ones as well as pay for bills, goods, and services. As such, M-Pesa forms the backbone of the economy of Lesotho, with the M-Pesa agents being at the forefront of the M-Pesa distribution model, thus allowing Vodacom customers to access float across the country. As part of the various initiatives that VCL Financial Services has undertaken to grow liquidity and the number of transactions, the M100K campaign proved to be a success, having been received well by M-Pesa agents country-wide, following the Win-A-Bakkie campaign.



The key aim of the M100K campaign is to increase M-Pesa agents’ investment in the business. The campaign was also motivated by the agents’ request to be assisted with cash to re-invest into their business. This campaign will play a vital role in increasing the number of transactions at the agents’ level which will translate into an increase in revenue when Vodacom customers use M-Pesa.


As a corporate leader in telecommunications, Vodacom Lesotho is tasked to better the lives of Basotho and create opportunities for growth as well as drive prosperity for all. It is the core mandate of the leading telecommunications company to sustain both the social and economic advancement of Lesotho by supporting critical areas of development. By responding urgently to the needs of Basotho, Vodacom Lesotho continues to invest in the care and live hood of our people and to improve their quality of life as well as their economic standing.