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VCL Financial Services Launches M-Pesa App

VCLFS Commercial Manager : Malatola Phothane

Maseru, Lesotho – VCL Financial Services has launched its M-Pesa app, a one-stop digital solution where customers will access their M-Pesa services such as cash withdrawals, send money, merchant payments, buy airtime, and bill payments. The app has been designed to enhance M-Pesa customers’ experience every time they use the service, providing them with a simple, fun, secure, easily customized, and  convenient digital solution.



To ensure that our customers are always in control of their money and have easy access to all their favorite M-Pesa products & services from anywhere at any time, we have zero-rated the app. This means that our customers can use the M-Pesa service and complete transactions even when they are without data, as long as their data is turned on.


“As technology advances, we are inspired to deliver innovative products and services that will lead to the betterment of our customers and the M-Pesa app is exactly that- a timely response to the current digital shift. Introducing this smartphone age solution over and above the old menu [USSD] is a true testament of our commitment to harness the power of technology to put power in the hands of our customers,” said VCL Financial Services Managing director, Ms. Palesa Mphunyetsane


“We are constantly aiming to improve our customer service and once again we have paid attention to customers’ needs. We will definitely be adding more features on the apps” Mphunyetsane added.


Customers can download the M-PESA super App on the Google Play Store for Android devices, by searching for “My M-Pesa Lesotho”