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Vodacom Lesotho launches an online soccer-streaming platform

In furtherance of the M 8.3 million Premier league sponsorship agreement signed by Vodacom Lesotho and LEFA in December 2020, the partners will launch an online platform called Vodacom Live, an innovation that aims to provide football fans and enthusiasts the opportunity to watch soccer matches anytime, anywhere.

Vodacom-Live is a simple and inexpensive way for Vodacom subscribers to watch live the Vodacom Premier League matches on their devices. This innovation will allow soccer fans who are unable to travel to stadiums to experience the action as

it happens, at only M10 per match for both prepaid and post-paid customers. All they need is a data-capable device and M10 worth of airtime to purchase the match-viewing voucher. The greatest benefit afforded to customers who will utilise this platform is that the M10 carries them through the entire match without them having to incur any additional data costs. In addition, subscribers can watch past events or matches they had already paid for, for up to 2 weeks.

Vodacom-Live debuts at a time when all sports are reviving following the cancellations and empty stadiums of the previous two years. With social distancing and sports crowds still limited, Vodacom is leveraging the power of digital technology to bring real-time action to soccer fans in Lesotho and beyond.

As a purpose-led organization, Vodacom Lesotho is committed to empowering Basotho and creating opportunities for them. The introduction of Vodacom-Live will greatly benefit the premier league teams as Vodacom Lesotho and PLMC have agreed on a revenue-sharing model that will see a portion of the total revenue generated from this platform shared equally among the sixteen participating teams.


Vodacom Live can be accessed at https://www.events.vodacom.co.ls