OOB Auto Blocking

These terms and conditions apply to the Out of Bundle Data Blocking which Vodacom will apply to your data services. OOB Data Blocking (or OOB Auto Blocking/OOB Default Blocking/ OOB Data Auto Blocking) refer to preventing an automatic transitioning from bundle charging to airtime (Out Of Bundle) charging for data usage upon depletion of a data bundle.

1.Vodacom Out of Bundle Auto Blocking applies to data services for all Subscriptions for Vodacom Customers.

2.In the event that you or your company's authorized administrators, Master Account Holders or Primary Decision Maker(s) (“Authorized Persons”) have not opted in to being charged out of bundle for data services, then as soon as your allocated data is depleted, the Out of Bundle Auto Blocking will automatically stop your data session.

3.You can resume data service(s) when:

a.you purchase an additional data bundle

b.you opt-in to OOB Data Usage and get charged from your airtime for data services

4.If you or the Authorized Persons have opted in to being charged out of bundle in respect of data services, then you will be charged out of bundle rates for data services in accordance with your applicable Price Plan.

5.Once opted in, no limit lock will be applied to out of bundle data usage (and therefore charges for data at out of bundle rates will be unlimited, unless you opt-out of allowing OOB data usage).

6.In the event that you have a URL bundle (e.g. YouTube, facebook) but no data bundle, you will have access to:

a.use of that URL bundle but not the general internet if you are opted-out to OOB Data Auto Usage

b.use of that URL bundle and general internet if you are opted-in to OOB Data Auto Usage. However, general internet will be charged from your airtime

7.You will receive a notification when Out of Bundle Data Auto Blocking has been activated (opted-out of using OOB data) or deactivated (opted-in to using OOB data).

8.You may request having your OOB Data Blocking status changed by Customer Care or at the nearest Vodacom Lesotho shop


9.18. These Terms and Conditions do not replace any other terms and conditions, agreements or contracts that exist between you and Vodacom.

10.19. Vodacom reserves the right to modify the Service(s) where reasonably required and may from time to time expand on these Terms and Conditions. You will be bound by all current Terms and Conditions, so please update yourself with them on a regular basis.