Prepaid Bundles Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to all Prepaid Bundles (“Bundles”) offered by Vodacom Lesotho “Vodacom” under the following categories: Voice, Data, and Short Message Service (“SMS”).

Prepaid Bundles shall be available to you upon activation and registration of your SIM Card. By purchasing the Bundles, you confirm that you have read, understood, and accepted these Terms and Conditions.

  1. Definitions
    “All-Networks or All-Net” means the voice and SMS resources that can be used to make calls and send SMSs to all networks in Lesotho.

    “Bundles” means packaged voice, SMS, and/or data resources. “Bundle Top Up” means a service that allows you to buy additional bundles once the allocated bundles run out.

    “Contact Centre” means our customer care center whose contact details are listed on our website.

    “In-Bundle Usage” means usage charged within a certain allowance or limit of time, bytes, and/or SMS from the bundle purchase.

    “Network” means our mobile and/or other telecommunications network and systems used to provide the Service.

    “Off-Net Calls” means calls made from a Vodacom mobile number to a mobile number of another licensed telecommunications operator in Lesotho.

    “On-Net Calls” means calls made from a Vodacom mobile number to another Vodacom mobile number.

    “Out of Bundle Usage” means usage charged directly from your airtime balance for any voice calls, data, and SMS usage.

    “Prepaid” means a service that requires you to have a positive credit to access our products and services.

    “SIM Card” means the Subscriber Identity Module Card connected to the Vodacom Network

    “Voucher” means our airtime voucher, whether physical or electronic including a transfer, that you can purchase from us or our authorized agents or dealers, which can be used to credit your Account.

    “Top Up Customer” means a Prepaid contract (hybrid) customer who can top up his account at any time with a prepaid bundle top-up.

    “Website” means our website

    “We” or “us” means Vodacom Lesotho and “our” has a corresponding meaning.

    “You” or “Your” means the customer.

  2. Eligibility
    1. he Bundles are available to all Vodacom Prepaid and Top-up customers.

  3. Access to Prepaid Bundles
    1. The below Bundles will be available to you.
      Voice Bundles, Data Bundles, and SMS Bundles
    2. Our bundles are accessible and/or available on the below channels.
      1. USSD (*111#)
      2. My Vodacom App,
      3. My Vodacom App Lite, and
      4. M-Pesa (USSD) (*200#)
    3. Vodacom reserves the right to change the channels and USSD numbers where Bundles are accessed.
    4. Bundles can be purchased for self and others (provided the recipient is a Prepaid or Top-Up customer). Bundles have different validity/expiry periods as defined on our purchase channels Vodacom\will provide details regarding the Bundles and the respective validity periods upon purchase.

  4. Validity and/or Expiry
    Our Bundles have different validity periods across the different categories i.e., Voice, Data, SMS, etc. as outlined below:
    1. Voice Bundles
      1. Voice Bundles shall be made on either On-Net Calls or All-Net Calls, depending on the Bundle selected.
      2. Daily voice bundles shall expire at midnight (23:59:59) on the day of purchase.
      3. Daily Night-shift voice bundles shall expire after 24 hours from the day of purchase and can only be utilized between 2300hrs and 0400hrs.
      4. Three-day nightshift voice bundles shall expire at midnight (23:59:59) on the 3rd day of purchase and can only be utilized between 2300hrs and 0400hrs.
      5. Weekly nightshift voice bundles shall expire at midnight (23:59:59) on the 7th day of purchase and can only be used to make calls between 2300hrs and 0400hrs
      6. Weekly voice bundles shall expire at midnight (23:59:59) on the 7th day of purchase.
      7. Monthly voice bundles shall expire at midnight (23:59:59) on the 30th day of purchase.
    2. SMS Bundles
      Daily SMS bundles shall expire at midnight (23:59:59) on the day of purchase.

    3. Data Bundles
      1. Power Hour data bundles are valid for 60 minutes from the time of their purchase.
      2. Daily data bundles shall expire at midnight (23:59:59) on the day of purchase.
      3. Daily nightshift data bundles are valid for 24 hours and can only be utilized between 2300hrs and 0400hrs.
      4. Three-Day data bundles expire at midnight (23:59:59) on the 3rd day of purchase.
      5. Weekly data bundles expire at midnight (23:59:59) on the 7th day of purchase.
      6. Monthly data bundles expire at midnight (23:59:59) on the last day of the next month from the day of purchase.
      7. Any unused bundles at the time of expiry will be forfeited. There is no carry-over on all our bundles.

  5. Charging
    1. Charging is either in-bundle and/or out-of-bundle as per the out-of-bundle charging mechanisms available on our website (
    2. Our bundles are approved by the Lesotho Communications Authority (LCA).
    3. Voice bundles apply per second charging.
    4. Data bundles apply per megabyte charging.
    5. Our pricing is based on Maloti and is inclusive of VAT.
    6. You can check your bundle balance by dialing *100# or *111*100# or by dialing 151 for a voice recording.

  6. Usage and Smart Notifications
    1. Vodacom has put in place Usage Notifications to allow customers to monitor and have control of their bundle usage.
    2. Usage SMS messages will be sent to the customer at thresholds of 70% usage, 90% usage, and 100% usage at the time of either expiry or depletion of a bundle.
    3. Further, Vodacom has implemented Smart notifications to give you the option to purchase additional bundles through a bundle upsell service which comes as a pop-up or flash message on your screen.
    4. You have the option to purchase or reject offers made through Smart Notifications.
    5. You can opt out of usage and smart notifications through our Contact Centre (114).

  7. Out of bundle (OOB) usage
    1. You shall be charged an out-of-bundle rate when you make calls without having purchased voice bundles.
    2. You can opt-in or opt out of the OOB charging.
    3. For data service /internet access, you shall be charged the out-of-bundle rate where you have opted into out-of-bundle charging. You shall not be defaulted into out-of-bundle charges upon depletion or expiry of a bundle. You will be given an option to opt in and out of OOB.
    4. Calls will be charged at the applicable Out-of-Bundle rate per minute/second depending on the prevailing tariffs for the Prepaid price plans, i.e., Prepaid Per Second, Prepaid Anytime, Prepaid Bua.
    5. The out-of-bundle usage terms and conditions are provided on the website (

  8. Multiple purchases
    1. You can make multiple bundle purchases across the different bundles irrespective of the type and validity period.
    2. Multiple purchases shall be allocated and used independently i.e., resources do not accumulate.
    3. For bundles with the same validity period, the Bundle bought first will be consumed before any other additional bundles purchased.
    4. For bundles with different validity periods, the bundle with a shorter validity period will take consumption priority, despite the order of purchase.

  9. Restrictions
    1. On-net voice bundles can only make calls between subscribers using the Vodacom network.
    2. Prepaid Bundles will not be used for roaming (voice or data). We have prepaid roaming bundles that are available to you to use on roaming. Prepaid roaming Terms and conditions are available on our website (
    3. Bundles are not transferable.

  10. Notices, Amendments and Communication
    1. Vodacom reserves the right to vary, modify, and amend the Prepaid bundle offerings. Where such amendment is material, Vodacom will provide the customers with reasonable notice before implementing such change.
    2. 1Purchasing prepaid bundles after a notice of an amendment or modification shall be deemed acceptance of change or new T & Cs.

  11. How Vodacom protects your rights
    Please note that we are committed to protecting the rights of our valued customers. To this end, we have therefore put together a Vodacom Lesotho Consumer Code to demonstrate how we protect your rights as a consumer of our products and services. The Code is available on our website

  12. Your obligations
    1. You must read and fully understand these Terms and Conditions of products and services provided by Vodacom. If any term is unclear, please request clarification of the same from our Contact Centre and retail stores.
    2. At the time of purchase of any bundle, please read and understand the menu and then confirm your choice of bundle before purchase.
    3. You have a responsibility to use the services and products offered to you responsibly and in accordance with applicable laws. Do not misuse our services in any manner whatsoever such as committing any offence or as a nuisance to others.
    4. You must respect the privacy of other users of communication services.
    5. When lodging any complaint as outlined in our Consumer Code, you must make a genuine and factual claim and be able to provide evidence for your allegations.

  13. General
    Vodacom may run Promotions (Campaigns, Challenges, and Competitions) using the existing bundles. Such Promotions may have additional Terms and Conditions which shall be subject to these Terms and Conditions.